100 teams, 1030 runners and 10 miles – Bloomberg Square Mile Relay

You’ve probably started doing the calculations already on how the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay works.

For those who aren’t familiar with Bloomberg Square Mile Relay, this is how.

It is a relay race for corporate teams that consists of 10 runners each.
Every runner runs for a mile and passes the baton on to the next runner and so on. The first team to complete 10 laps wins.

This year, Team Fitness First had a very strong lineup. A team with some of its best and experienced staff battling it out against 100 other teams.

The team list and running order is as follows
1 – Swaleh Balala
2 – Andre Ferreira
3 – Sargis Chavushyan
4 – Ryan Thomas 
5 – Joao Silva 
6 – Joren Huijten 
7 – Bernardo Gomes
8 – Milos Petrovic 
9 – JD Silva
10 – Shaikh Fahad

The goal is to have the whole team work as a single unit, where we support each other and motivate each other to make sure we make it to the finish line first and well ahead of the competition.

This team was able to successfully beat all of the other teams in the course and take home the fastest partners trophy while putting on a stunning show on the course! Each and every runner of Team Fitness First was able to demonstrate a great deal of speed, endurance, and mental toughness.

To me personally, this race is one of the most awaited races of the season. To compete with really strong runners and be the first one to complete, it was a dream come true.

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