Race Report – EKIDEN 2020


The ASICS EKIDEN 2O2O is a virtual relay marathon race. It is inspired by the Japnese Ekiden. A race one of its kind the whole idea was to promote teamwork, competitiveness and encourage people to stay and introduce running to a new audience. So, before we dive into the entire race, and the experience let me explain to you what EKIDEN actually means.


Ekiden is a Japanese relay race that promotes teamwork, competitiveness and rivalry. In Ekiden you have a Tasuki (in modern races referred to as a baton) which you have to pass from one runner to another. Runners have to give the Tasuki as soon as possible from one runner to another, while each leg is run separately, teams compete in the race as one. 

The ASICS EKIDEN 2020 was virtual full marathon distance race. Each team consisted of 6 runners who had complete their respective leg of the race. Mentioned below is the breakdown of each leg:

Leg 1 – 5km

Leg 2 – 5km

Leg 3 – 10km

Leg 4 – 5 km

Leg 5 – 10km

Leg 6 – 7.2km

This was the inaugural edition of the Ekiden hosted by ASICS, where teams competed with each other worldwide. The race was a good mixture of both real and virtual worlds. It was supported by RUNKEEPER and Racerooster in terms of data management.

For the Ekiden 2020, I had 4 teams participating. My teams had a right blend of experienced runners supporting the ones competing in a race for the first time. Some of my teammates were running their first 5km runs. I felt as a Frontrunner, I was fulfilling my duty by training my new teammates to make them feel confident about conquering their Everest.

My teams were supported by VITAMIN WELL for the runs for, and we will forever be thankful for their support. They definitely made the full marathon distance relatively easy and achievable.

Organization: ⭐⭐⭐

 Racecourse: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

 Cost: N/A

Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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