Running is a team sport

Can running be considered a solo sport, or is it a team-sport ?

Many people refuse to run because running is a solo sport, and it comes across as boring. Without a doubt, running is an individual activity, but it is more fun and exciting when done with a group of people. Most of your runs will be done alone if you are serious about being fast.

But isn’t it exciting to finish a tiring day at work, and when you go for a run with your running buddy, all you can do is talk about your future races and new shoes. Some of my best conversations have been on my long runs with my running buddies. Safe to say, you will strengthen your bond during these running conversations.

Running with a team will expose you to different approaches and allow you to rub your shoulders with accomplished and seasoned campaigners. Their approach towards a certain distance or race will be something you could learn from. People from all ages, backgrounds, shapes, sizes and running histories come on to one common platform for the love of running.

Being a part of a global running program with people from such diverse backgrounds has indeed been a brilliant experience. In such teams, everyone looks after each other. Not only do they uplift and motivate each other but also push each other to be successful in their respective challenges. Have you ever been in the middle of the race and found yourself struggling and suddenly you have someone guiding you throughout the race and ensuring you complete the distance? It speaks volumes for a sport that is often considered a solo sport.

So, don’t you think running with a team is fun?

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