Taken For Granted

Let’s roll the time back to a couple of weeks in the past.  We were all indoors, trying to remain calm.  We have probably been calm on the outside, but how were you actually feeling about?

A sudden blockade to your normal life always sounds harsh.  Your favourite meals, your places of leisure and your routine (if you had one). It felt like you were at a red-light signal. You can chill in the car, turn on your music, but you can’t go anywhere. It sounded like it was a doable task, staying indoors saving the world. But a week into, the cage started to feel smaller and smaller. Wait, hold on, I want to get out. Nah, not happening, because you don’t have a choice.

Now take a minute and try to remember your exact feeling during the time you spent indoors.
To be honest with you, I was scared.  The whole vibe had a different feel around it. A city that never sleeps, was suddenly quiet. The cheerful laundry guy who came to pick up our clothes wasn’t smiling anymore. Neither did anyone pull an April fools prank. Your normal wasn’t your normal anymore. The sunsets were there, so were the rainy days. But that cup of tea from your favourite tea spot wasn’t there.

A Sunset during the quarantine period.

Did we take the normal for granted? You bet we did.
The hairdresser, the gym access, the team lunches, the run meets and the shopping. All of these small things before the arrival of Covid-19 now seem to have a bigger significance. You can surely have the video chats, but your best friend’s hugs are much better. The food, the people, the little things of life will have a different approach.


We never value anything when it is there right with us. Why? What is this non-explainable human nature? But when it’s gone, we weep and we hold on, but alas it’s gone.
What if something like that had happened to you? The things you took for granted. Thanos shows up snaps and boom, everything is dust. Does ring a bell to fix a few things. Nothing is permanent, you’ve seen a trailer already so……..

But everything now feels beautiful. The wind, the sun the beaches. The runs, the friends and supermarket trips. They surely excite me now.
Your hairdresser is as relaxed as he was before, your burger at your favourite joint tastes better. The places of worship will have a scent of serenity throughout their hallways and I am eager for the doors to be open.

I will pray and be thankful for every little thing that I ever took for granted. Never again. So if you got some things to fix and work on, I guess the time is upon us to do it.

Maybe this storm taught us how to steer the ship the right way, with some patience, some prayers and a lot of strength.

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