The Postcard Series

COVID 19 is an unwelcomed guest on this planet. Sectors after sectors are being affected by it, resulting in economic instability.

Which directly reflects on us in various ways, either financial or mentally.

Lately, we’ve all been feeling under the pump staying indoors, dealing with our own set of problems. I’ll admit with, I feel like I am hitting a wall too. And it happens to the best of us too.

It is a confusing time. Starring at the wall thinking you’ve reached the end of the maze, but you are stills looking for a way out.

So, I decided, to try and bring a few smiles around with my postcard series. The idea first came to me 3 years back in Kenya. We were at a picturesque location and I happened to take a shot of it. The first thing that came to my mind when I was editing was this would make great postcard imagery.

Fast forward, years later I was taking out a few images to send to the exhibition as a series. I was going through a patch of mixed emotions and while editing the images, I constantly kept thinking about what would have made me happy or smile during these days. A message from a friend or maybe a call would have been a good thing I thought. Of course, with the time curfew, running wasn’t happening, so there had to be a different route to get through this emotional turbulence.

As soon the first edit was over in the lightroom, I buzzed my friend the idea and we got working on it. 

Voila, the postcard series was born.

So let’s answer a few questions about it.

What is the postcard series : 

The postcard series is a part of my collection consisting of scenic shots of my travel or everyday life which will be converted into postcards.

What’s the purpose of the postcard series : 

Many of us here haven’t received postcards in their lives or don’t know how they work. So, the whole point is bringing back this form of communication.

There isn’t any monetary benefit of the postcard series. The whole idea is to spread happiness and good vibes around writing postcards to people. Making old school cool.

How does it work : 

All you got to do is share your address in the comments or dm me and I’ll have a postcard sent to you 🤗

The whole intention here is to spread the awareness that we are not alone. Even if your friends don’t text or call you, don’t feel like you are alone. If you feel that you need to get something off your chest reach out to someone. 

Here are some happy faces after receiving the postcards:

So get out there, give sending a postcard a shot. Who knows, it could be something you will enjoy!!


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