Why I Run

If you have read one of my previous blog post called The Accidental Runner, you’d probably know how I started my running journey. An important part of my current lifestyle running does involve a lot of thought process and planning. Not to discourage anyone, but with a little effort and push, we all can implement the habit of running in our day to day lives.

Here, I will share some of my main reasons to embed running into my lifestyle.

We all seek refuge from something or the other in this life. It could be work, it could be life or it could just be an escape from the day to day noise. We are all complicated in our ways and we look for ways to ease into that.  Running to me is not just another sports. Coming from a background of sports since school, I’ve tried my hands-on cricket, volleyball and football in the past, but so far running has been the most dominant teacher of them all. 

When I say teacher, I do not mean a teacher of physical capabilities. I mean a teacher of mental endurance. A teacher of life lessons. Patience, acceptance, bad days, trusting the process are a few of the notable ones on the list. Therapy, escape, hobby or fitness drive, I honestly haven’t found the right category to put running into. Probably to me it matches every segment I’ve mentioned here.

I will mention some of the main reasons why everyone should get into running.

  • Mood changes: Running has a proven effect to have a calming effect on the individual practising it. 15-30 minutes of running 3 days in a week can help combat anxiety, depression and improve mood.
  • Waistline change:  Any form of prolonging movement will aid in the weight loss process. So, run for at least 20- 30 minutes for 3 days. (not to forget your diet intake and your rest period)
  • It’s free:  Running is one of the very few exercise forms that do not require any equipment or gym membership. It’s free, can be performed anytime and anywhere.
  • Meditation in motion: That’s right, running is indeed meditation in motion. The endorphin levels help you calm down and allow you to focus on one task at hand.

And most importantly you can experience the “runners high”. The term runners high could be a new term for a few of you. So, allow me to explain it what it means. Runners high is the release of endorphins which reduces stress, and lessened ability to perceive pain. Endorphins are happy chemicals which are released to positive emotions like love.

So, highlighting some of the amazing benefits and interesting reasons to run, I have one simple question for you all.

When are you starting to run?

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  1. Vishnu Vijayan August 3, 2020

    You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

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