Why Running Clears Your Mind

We’ve always perceived that the human body undergoes physical exercises to improve cardiovascular health and build muscles. Do you realise that you take care of your body and your mind when you run or workout?

Stress, anxiety and work pressure are just a few of the significant contributors to a tensed mind.

Indulging in any physical activity has always proven to be a good refresher to ease a stressed or anxious mind.

Runners have praised the great feeling of a runner’s high for years. This is achieved when the heart-racing movements enable the body to release endorphins which act as a stimulant. But before you set out to use this method as a stress buster, it is essential to acknowledge and focus on why you are running.

If you want to run to clear your mind, here are a few ideal points to remember.

Before the run: 

Always visualize your run, especially if you are training for a marathon. You need to know the what’s and the whys. If music helps, listen to your favourite tracks as it can help you feel energized or calm you down.

During the run: 

Listen to a podcast if you prefer running with your headphones on. It is usually preferred if you are entirely aware of your surroundings and are not distracted. Try to enjoy the experience; remember it is not a goal. It is a journey.


Hydrate and stretch well. Remember to think of every run as an achievement towards a bigger goal. It all starts with small steps.

Some of the crucial reasons why running works:

  • It stimulates the growth of new neurons and helps with stress management 
  • It helps you achieve a calmer state of mind 
  • It increases your overall productivity

So if you set the alarm for a morning run and don’t feel like showing up, remember why you started the journey, and you’ll be out and about in no time.

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