Why you should have a hobby!

Nowadays, we are overwhelmingly busy or at least some of us pretend to be. So, what are you supposed to do with that little free time you manage to get in between or what is that excites you about the weekend after tirelessly working throughout the week.

If you just while your time away then congrats you truly don’t have a hobby. Sometimes I do wonder if binge-watching shows on Netflix counts as a hobby. Not like I don’t have an account on Netflix.

But if you step back for a second and think about it, what could actually be done with the time you spend doing nothing?

Hobbies are an outlet to try something new in life. There are numerous activities and hobbies an individual can pursue. For me, I have a hobby for the mind (which is photography) and a hobby for the body (which is running). They pretty much work hand in hand for me. One helps me to stay creative and push my mental boundaries, while the other focuses on my physical well-being.

Ocr Nation
Ramadan Duathlon 2019

Post high school I had stopped practising photography, so I could focus on university and doing multiple sports wasn’t an easy task.

Picking photography back up after a break of three years, made me realize that it wasn’t the best of decisions to not practice it.
It was something that always made me think and always made me happy. And I’ve always wondered, what if I had actually continued with it during the university days, would things have been different for me? Would I have a different career direction?. Not that I am not satisfied with my current place or journey.
But I would still think about it now and then.

Morroco - Blue City
From my trip to Morocco

Sometimes you just need a push from a friend, a spark, or just a punch from reality. I was lucky it was a push from a friend of which I still have a conversation screenshot. Every time I feel I am wasting my time, I just read it and get back to doing what gives me peace and happiness.

So now is the best time to pick up a new hobby or get back with an old one. 
Make use of the time you have and who knows, your hobby could be the reason you enjoy life to the fullest.

Here are my five reasons as to why you should have a hobby

  • Having a hobby is great, I feel it is the best way to destress, to express yourself. 
  • It helps you to connect with like-minded people. 
  • Having a hobby helps you to look forward to something to do on a day to day basis. 
  • Hobbies are mental exercises. 
  • Hobbies make you an interesting person.

To be honest with you, you don’t need to be talented to pursue a certain hobby. It is all about finding something that makes you happy and being consistent with it. It could also be trying something new and completely falling in love with it

And if you can capitalize on that monetarily, then boom you’ve just found the G-Spot.   

2 Comments on “Why you should have a hobby!

  1. Sayed Razak March 29, 2020

    Stay motivated and keeep inspiring people develop better habits.. I am so proud to see you come this far.. people should know your story, you should do a video series on how you made time for your hobbies and how they can keep track of progress made..

    • fahadmin March 30, 2020

      Hi Razak,

      Thank you so much for getting the time out to read the blog. Your constant support and words of encouragement mean a lot to me. Stick along for the next.

      It will be an interesting one!

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